What We Do

"I am so convinced that understanding a person’s personality is invaluable that I am now expounding the virtues of True Colors to all my business acquaintances (those that work with me; customers; and prospects). I would love to put all my business prospects through True Colors before I even call them for an appointment. I believe the result will be more new business faster simply because I would understand their personalities, passions, values, frustrations and needs."

Fred Samp, Workshop Participant

Increase Results

  • Improve leadership and listening skills
  • Speak each customer's unique language
  • Learn creative sales and selling techniques
  • Provide and receive clear communications
  • Interact uniquely with students, employees, clients, church members, and family

Improve Morale

  • Improve employee confidence in the integrity of their employer including:
    • Senior Leadership Teams
    • Sales Teams
    • Customer Service Teams
    • IT & IS Teams
    • Human Resource Teams
  • Personalize provider and patient relations
  • Receive citizen acclaims for governmental services
  • Increase effectiveness of church, ministries, not-for-profit groups
  • Provide quality classroom environments

In 30 Days

  • Reduced tension in diverse groups
  • Equipped for conflict resolution
  • Mutual employee respect, dignity, and pride
  • Sensitized workforce to each others' value
  • Energized teamwork, team meetings, and the work environment