True Colors®

“True Colors has become a key component of our ‘Learning Environment’ Program and is the heart of our teambuilding and diversity training…We now realize that it is a good thing we are not all just alike. This has been a major influence on our ability to work together to achieve goals and to appreciate what each individual brings to the table. We are stronger and happier as a result.”

Nikki Hanna, Vice President
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma

What is True Colors?

True Colors is an easy-to-use tool that has helped millions of people find personal success and dramatically improve their inter-personal relationships. It has a twenty year track record of success with hundreds of companies like Ford, Pfizer, Washington Mutual, ESPN, Kraft, Boeing, JC Penny, Cargill, Sabre, I.C. System, and thousands of schools, hospitals, and government agencies, who have used it to build teamwork, and to improve communications and customer relations.

How is it Different?

The strength and power of True Colors is that it takes the elaborate method of understanding personality theory and distils it into a user-friendly, practical tool that is fun to use and easy to apply to real-life situations. One of the ways True Colors communicates its messages is through “edutainment” programs that engage participants in an interactive experience that entertains, while it educates – leaving them with skills they will retain long afterwards. This “edutainment” element sets it apart from other systems by providing a fun avenue that allows participants to become absorbed in the process in a non-threatening atmosphere.