Our Story

"Discovering other people's learning, listening, teaching, leadership and selling styles, as well as their values, joys, needs, strengths and stresses has given me a huge insight on how to live life with excellence. My goal in life is to teach what I have learned so you can also have the ability to make a difference in your life as well as the lives of others around you."

Laura Blocksom
President, It's All About People, Inc

From the Founder

Having been the small group leader at Willow Creek Community Church Career Support Group for almost four years, I recognized how difficult it is to know what career people should pursue, how to survive in our work cultures, how to motivate people to reach for excellence and how to find their passions. As I was leading the Career Support Group, I discovered I had a passion to serve people who were in crisis and helping them find the best career for their temperament. I learned about True Colors® at Judson College and became certified by True Colors® as an instructor after graduation. What I was doing as a volunteer became obvious that I should be doing my passion for money as well.

I had worked in the various fields such as a professional water skier for Tommy Bartlett Water Show in the 60’s, worked in the school district for 12 years, managed Specialty Stores both locally and in the mall, motivated chamber of commerce members with their monthly promotions, scheduled appointments for 23 people in 6 states for a recycling company, and selling office supplies for a company. Although none of my jobs were related, I have the many transferable skills and did well in every field.

May 5, 2002, I was downsized from a company due to the buy-out, the economy and 911 aftermath. Someone asked me why I was not doing my passion when I was challenging other people to do their passions. I thought that was a great question. As a result on May 10th, 2002, I started my own business called It’s All About People. On September 5th, 2003, I incorporated to It’s All About People, Inc. I have been blessed by the people who have had faith in me and my workshops. They have trusted and given me the opportunity to serve them and their business using the workshops. The goal of True Colors® is to enrich the quality of life. The catalyst is True Colors ®. My blue, orange, gold, green temperament order has been a great insight into how God has wired me up, and how I should run my business. I am grateful and thankful to all the people who have prayed and supported me.

Discovering the learning styles, listening styles, teaching styles, leadership styles, selling styles, values, joys, needs, strengths, stresses as a blue personality has given me a huge insight to how to livelife with excellence. I have enjoyed the privilege of watching butterflies come from caterpillars from every workshop I facilitate. What a blessing to be used by God in such a way as to make a difference in peoples lives and show them how really special and unique they are. My goal in life is to make a difference in your life.

Laura Blocksom